As an athlete, frustrated by injuries for a number of years and the lack of answers provided by conventional medicine, I have become interested in what the world of alternative therapies has to offer. Through her I have experienced the wonderfully restorative effects of Reiki, much needed TLC for my often battered and neglected feet with Reflexology and the incredible effects of Life Alignment. I have never known a therapy to get so efficiently to the root cause of a problem. Be it emotional, physical, mental, nutritional or a combination of factors. Anne has a great gift in not only identifying the problem, but also confronting it and dealing with it. I always look forward to my sessions with Anne, intrigued as to what will emerge and confident in the knowledge that I will come away feeling so much better and ready to face the world again. I can’t recommend her services strongly enough. Open mindedness is required at first, but you’ll soon see what it can do for you.