Anxiety management made easier for you

Dealing with anxiety and low mood is difficult, at Anne Gregory Holistics, we understand your situation, which is why we offer you a wide range of treatments to help you deal with such issues.


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As an athlete, frustrated by injuries for a number of years and the lack of answers provided by conventional medicine, I have become interested in what the world of alternative therapies has to offer. Through her I have experienced the wonderfully restorative effects of Reiki, much needed TLC for my often battered and neglected feet with Reflexology and the incredible effects of Life Alignment. I have never known a therapy to get so efficiently to the root cause of a problem. Be it emotional, physical, mental, nutritional or a combination of factors. Anne has a great gift in not only identifying the problem, but also confronting it and dealing with it. I always look forward to my sessions with Anne, intrigued as to what will emerge and confident in the knowledge that I will come away feeling so much better and ready to face the world again. I can’t recommend her services strongly enough. Open mindedness is required at first, but you’ll soon see what it can do for you.

Becky - Athlete, Loughborough University

I have suffered from M.E. symptoms for the past 15 years, following Glandular Fever. As my body and mind gets so exhausted I was guided by Anne to have the gentle treatment of Reiki. It is so relaxing. I have now had several sessions and I have become slowly stronger. I am now having more good days than bad and I do feel that Reiki has helped me take my own healing back into my own hands. Thank you so much Anne.

Sarah – Nottingham

I was under a lot of pressure in my life, at work and at home, which resulted in time off work. I was recommended to see Anne for Reflexology which I had weekly treatments for 4 weeks. It is so calming & relaxing and Anne can detect where there are imbalances in my body. I feel calmer, more energy, and my sleep patterns have returned to normal, which has helped me with my work and everyone else has benefited around me. I now have a treatment once a month, which is time out for me, and helps me keep feeling well.

Rachael - Loughborough

I have been seeing Anne weekly at first then every 6 weeks. I go for Reflexology combined with Aromatherapy massage to my upper body, to help control my Arthritis in my shoulders and hands. I was struggling to do everyday activities because of the pain and stiffness. I have been unable to take anti- inflammatory drugs, which were prescribed by my doctor because of their negative side effects – they caused pain in my stomach. Reflexology & Aromatherapy has really helped me to keep my joints moving, and control the pain. I am in my 70s and thankfully because I look after myself, have an active life style and go horse riding several times a week.

Joan – Leicester

Anne is very professional, knowledgeable, compassionate, gave me confidence and lots of support.

Jo, Leicester

Life Alignment has helped me free my restrictions and fears enabling me to do things I have not had the inclination or the energy to do for years.

Joyce, W. Midlands

I feel that the Life Alignment treatments have given me a better quality of life. In fact you could say that they have given me my life back.

Robina, Birmingham

To talk to our Reiki master about anxiety management. Call on

0116 237 4188

To talk to our Reiki master about anxiety management. Call on

0116 237 4188