Heal your life with Vortex Cards

Vortex Cards

The Vortex cards are a result of years of exploration and research into the field of environmental pollution and its detrimental effect on our bodies. This includes electromagnetic radiation from computers, microwaves, electrical appliances etc. and geopathic stress from negative ley lines and underground water streams.

They contain a disc with a weak magnetic field and each card is individually infused with a specific and extremely high vibrational frequency, so that each card has a specific purpose for personal and environmental healing. Their purpose is to balance and clear these energies, create a more harmonious environment, enhance our vitality and well being. The Chinese have understood for centuries the effect that the environment has on our lives, through the practice of Feng Shui.
The Vortex cards are designed to balance every aspect of our environment as well as healing our bodies.

Rainbow Vortex Card

The Rainbow Card is designed to balance and harmonize the atmosphere of an entire house or small building. It emits a frequency that neutralizes the negative effects ofelectro-magnetic radiation, geopathic stress and all toxic energies within the space. The Rainbow card is placed on the frame of the front door which following Feng Shui.

Personal Healing:
The Rainbow card can also be used on the body to heal, relieve pain, balancing the
chakras. It has been shown to have a profound effect on aligning the structural system.


Square Vortex Card

Fire element. This card is worn on the body for personal protection and energy magnification. It can be placed on electrical appliances to transmute the effect of electromagnetic radiation. It is used by energy practitioners and bodyworkers to protect them from negative energies emitted by their clients.

Personal Healing:
As it represents the fire element, it activates circulation in the body. It therefore improves flexibility and is extremely effective in relieving pain, particularly in the joints.


Pentagon Vortex Card

Water element. The pentagon represents the water element and is used to balance and energize water and food.

For food – place the pentagon under the plate or container, or touch the food with it for a few seconds.

For water – place the pentagon on one of the faucets or on the incoming water lines. It will energize the complete system within a few minutes. The taste and texture of the water is greatly enhanced.

Personal Healing:
On the body the pentagon works with the blood and lymph (water element). Using dark field microscopy, where the blood is viewed under a powerful microscope, significant changes were witnessed in a very short period of time after the pentagon was placed on strategic points on the body.


Hexagon Vortex Card

Air element. The hexagon is used to neutralize the electromagnetic radiation and other negative effects from telephones, mobile phones, television and internet. The hexagon is also used to raise the frequency of and oxygenate the air. It is placed on a fan, air duct or simply on a surface, exposed to the air.

Small Hexagon has been made specifically for mobile phones, beepers, and televisions. It is not used on the body for healing. (£25.00)

Personal Healing:
The hexagon assists in rapidly oxygenating the blood, which has created great relief
for those with respiratory conditions, as well as conditions resulting from an oxygen


Triangle Vortex Card

Earth element. The triangle is used to balance the earth and vegetable kingdom. They have often been affected by electrical disturbances in the earth and pollutants in the air and on land. It is also used to activate stones and crystals to a very high frequency.

Indoors – the triangle is placed in any plant and will rapidly affect all the plants in a home or office.

Outdoors – the triangle is placed under a tree or bush and will rapidly energize a large area.

Personal Healing:
The triangle has a grounding effect on the body as well as helping the liver in detoxification. It appears to accelerate the release of micro-organisms from the body.


Generator Vortex Card

The generator is by far the most powerful card and was created in order to balance large areas, such as cities. This is done by identifying a key spot on a positive ley line. The effect has been observed and monitored on several occasions and is quite tangible. By placing it over the Rainbow card, it helps to balance the Feng Shui of a house/building at a much deeper level.

Personal Healing:
The Generator card is utilized whenever deeper healing is required. It has a profound effect on the underlying imbalance. It helps to energize the immune and neurological systems.


Octagon Vortex Card

The Octagon is used in buildings to eliminate negative energies. It is placed on the rainbow card on the door frame and works rapidly to cleanse the building.

Personal Healing:
On the body it used for all aspects of elimination, working on the eliminative organs (digestive system, kidneys, liver, skin and lungs). It also has a powerful effect on micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses, etc.). The Octagon also helps to eliminate residue of past inoculations, chemicals etc. and to dissolve negative implants.


Heart Vortex Card

The heart card does not protect or clear energies, but rather assists in bringing in positive love energy. It is placed on the front door adjacent to, or on top of the rainbow card. Each building has a heart, or energetic centre, and often that centre is located in a negative spot. The Heart card helps to strengthen the centre so that it may act as a positive source of energy for the building.

Personal Healing:
On the body it works on the endocrine system and its relation to the chakras. It also works on the physical heart, helping to open the heart and bring in love energy.


Tree of Life Vortex Card

The tree of life card provides the experience of physical expansion.

Personal Healing:
Works at the causal body level and therefore works with a variety of physical patterns.


Breath of Life Vortex Card

Helps to develop and strengthen the experience of trust for ourselves, our life and the universe. Deals with issues of vulnerability. It appears to take one deeper into oneself, giving a sense of trust into oneself.

Personal Healing:
Protects the cells from free radicals, works on cytoplasm/mitochondria.


Seed of Life Vortex Card

The Seed of Life brings a new level of healing working through the chakras and the body vortices. It appears to have an impact on the neurotransmitters, particularly serotonin and dopamine. It appears to create a powerful vortex around the body and home, protecting both from external invasive energies, such as transmissions from mobile phone towers, satellite dishes as well as negative thought forms.


Resonance Vortex Card (photo to follow)


Vortex Pendulum

Contains a vortex card for healing and accuracy


Vortex Pendant

Protection & healing – The pendant is worn for personal protection. It has been energised and carries the energy of the Square, Hexagon and Seed of life.


Vortex Energy

The Vortex Energy pillules work on the principles of energy medicine., helping balance the subtle energy fields of the body.

The contents of the pillules are the same, but are energised with different energies to have a completely different effect on the body, much like a homeopathic remedy. They are placed on the tongue and allowed to dissolve


Vortex Nectar has been energised to balance, centre and expand the auric field as well as the charkas. As a common experience there has been the alignment of the physical structure. Nectar is used as the base upon which the others are added as it brings the body energies into alignment.



Vortex Therapeutic has been energised to strengthen the immune system and is commonly used when there is a severe imbalance in the body systems and organs.



Vortex N-Durance has been energised to strengthen the person physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It is helpful for those who feel emotionally or mentally exhausted.



Vortex Tranquility has been energised to calm the nervous system and the body systems. It aids in relaxation, stress and sleep.


Body Slim

Vortex Body Slim helps to stimulate the metabolism and address the emotional issues around food. It also helps the body digestion and assimilation.


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